Tiny Home Community

Community support to buy land is needed.  Please consider donating any amount to achieve this step in growing affordable housing in Prince William County.  If you cannot donate money, then please consider spreading the word that HUGS wants to build tiny homes.

There is a dire need for affordable housing in PWC.  Shelters and most rooms do not allow pets.   Somewhat affordable rooms often do not have the ability to cook food in, plus usually further isolate our folks.  Re-integration requires a longer periods than that of recently housed individuals.  Many of our folks have been living in the “rough” since before 2008.  More choices are needed to alleviate the suffering of people.  Tiny homes offer safety, better health, and are overall more cost effective to the PWC community.

If  you cannot donate this time, please consider HUGS next time.  People do not belong on the ground!

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